Our friends at Acme Studio live on Maui near Kula, also the site of a smaller fire. Acme Studio is known for producing design and-art related product from major designers, artists, and musicians. 

The Recent Fires in Hawaii caused the destruction of lives and cultural history in Lahaina.  Over 2,200 structures were destroyed with 99+ lives lost. 

Hawaii, the 50th state, has an unsteady balance between nature and tourism.  Tourism on Maui is estimated for over 80% of the economy on the island.  Currently Maui is dependent on other resources for support and rebuilding. 

In an effort to support Maui, Amusespot will donate 10% of all sales of Acme product to Ka.  Please note that shipping from the island is delayed; your patience is appreciated. The extensive Acme Studio collection, including rare Beatles pens, is available here.

How else can you help?
Maui Nui Strong is a site provided by the County of Maui for their general community. The County has endorsed a number of relief funds, listed here. Find one you appreciate.  Donate. Thank you.

Casa Maui by Ettore Sottsass, Home of Acme Studio

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