T-1000 Stainless Steel Spoon Rest by Valerio Sommella for Alessi

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T-1000 Spoon Rest by Valerio Sommella for Alessi

Inspired by drops of liquid metal, Valerio Sommella has designed the T-1000 spoon rest, that belongs to the collection Objects Bijoux. The name T-1000 is a clear reference to a character from the film Terminator who, made from liquid metal, is able to assume any form he wishes. Its particular shape, characterized by two concave parts, makes the object particularly practical, allowing you to rest more than one kitchen utensil at a time on it - a spoon and a ladle, for example.

Dishwasher safe, the T-1000 is an essential kitchen accessory, perfect for keeping your utensils handy without having to dirty the worktop.

Spoon rest in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.

6.75" Length (inch)
4.25" Width (inch)
.5" Height (inch)

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