Baroque Glass Gold Liquid Soap Dispenser by Arte Italica

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Arte Italica
$ 284.00

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Unique Soap Dispenser (Handmade)

Every now and then, amid the morass of cynical consumerist brands, you run into one that isn’t. You realize that there are companies that are founded just for the love of the craft that their products represent. And voilà, your faith in humanity is restored. Or at least you don’t feel sandbagged anymore. Because you didn’t buy kitsch, you bought something different--a glass liquid soap dispenser.

And that’s what Ann Skidmore wanted to create. She founded Arte Italica to celebrate the rare craftsmanship of Italian pewter artisans. With it, she gave their talent a platform and infused her own creative genius into it. Case in point: this uniquely handmade soap dispenser. This liquid soap dispenser is handcrafted, hand-etched with intricate details, and made using luxurious materials by artisans near Florence.

  • Authentic Italian glass
  • Hand wash only
  • 24-karat gold highlights
  • Dimensions: 7.5 in (H) X 3.5 in (D)
  • Capacity: 14 ounces

Like what you see?   more where this came from. Arte Italica’s entire Baroque Gold Collection is housed at Amusespot, as is their bestselling Tuscan Collection. The latter features their range of pewter ceramic pieces. Indeed, Arte Italica was the first company to combine ceramic and vintage pewter into lavish dinnerware and accessories. Some of the best European luxury wares you’ll ever see, just like the unique soap dispenser. Not kitsch folks. Not kitsch at all.