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Glass Diamond-Cut Cocktail Mixing Beaker by Modern Mixologist

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Modern Mixologist
$ 39.95

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Sorry, Mr. Bond, but boozy cocktails are typically stirred, not shaken. That procedure of chilling spirits-only cocktails—think Manhattan, Vesper, classic martini—by stirring with ice to achieve the ideal amount of dilution is typically performed in either a mixing glass or beaker. Although stirring (like rolling and throwing) was once de rigueur for history’s early bartenders, the technique spent a significant portion of the second half of the 20th century on a shelf while shaking cocktails and building highballs became the preeminent methods of the time.

“When I was in San Francisco all those years, I never even saw a barspoon,” says Tony Abou-Ganim, laughing about the cocktail’s so-called Dark Ages. He first become aware of the European-style mixing beaker on a trip to Italy in 2005 and brought a sample back to the U.S., intent on making it a star addition to his barware line. That said, the beaker is back, and is quickly becoming a bar standard.

 Elegant, but durable, the hand-blown Modern Mixologist Mixing Beaker is available in a classic finish or diamond-cut, and is large enough to hold two full cocktails. “No one wants to drink alone,” Abou-Ganim says with a sly wink, adding,“There’s a certain amount of elegance to pouring a cocktail. It’s really about making a show of pouring the cocktail into the glass.” To that end, the beaker was designed to perform seamlessly with the Hawthorne Strainer as well as both styles of long-handled Barspoon.

Mixing beakers are hand blown by an artisan, and therefore each is unique. They should be hand washed with soap and water, and air-dried. Special care should be taken to avoid thermal shock—that is, pouring hot water into the cold glass or vice versa. 

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Materials: Hand-blown nonleaded crystal, Diamond Cut. Modern Mixology Logo.
Dimensions: H 5 7/8”, M 3 7/8”, 
T 3½”, B 3¼”
Volume: 20½ ounces