The Neat Experience Whiskey and Spirits Glass Set of 2 CLEARANCE

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Neat Glass
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The Industry Standard for Spirits Tasting: The Neat Experience Glass

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Perfect for the whisk(e)y, tequila, or vodka connoisseur. A patented design, the NEAT glass uses science (imagine?) to push alcohol vapors past its rim, developing a sweet spot where flavors are ready to savor.

Does it work?  Yes.

The NEAT glass has been the recipient of numerous awards and is the Official Tasting Glass of the San Francisco and New York World Spirits Competition, SIP Awards, and Craft Competition.

Reduce ethanol burn and enjoy more flavor.  You may just have to re-evaluate some bottles. I had to.

We believe in this product and will guarantee it.

Sold as One.  Lead-free crystal.