Quartz Fragrance Diffuser by Muriel Ughetto

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Muriel Ughetto
$ 120.00

A powdery musk scent. Delicate in nature.

Available in 6.8 and 16.9 oz sizes. Diffuser sticks are included.
16.9 oz refills also available.
Diffuser 'Toppers' and replacement sticks available separately.

Based on her concept of "Olfactory Polychromy," the collection by Muriel Ughetto is centered around semi-precious stones.  Muriel's designs incorporate beechwood and color in order to not only scent but accessorize your domain. The diffusers have a unique option: feathers that not only add a splash of color but also make the diffusers appear as a vase of flowers. 

Scents were made in France and produced along with experts in Grasse.

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