Collar Cocktail Shaker & Measuring Cup Set by Stelton

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Designed by Daniel Debiasi and Frederico Sandri of Something Design Studio, the Collar Collection concerns one of the most Italian designs- that of the Moka stovetop coffee maker and accessories.  

Nordic is inspired by the Nordic landscape and design values. It represents the Scandinavian way of living with a "less is more" attitude. Minimalistic and artistic.

The series includes an espresso maker, coffee grinder, creamer and sugar, teapot, cocktail shaker, and measuring cups designed with a very natural and Scandinavian aesthetic of metal and wood.

The Collar cocktail shaker is made of Teflon coated stainless steel with a brass coated lid and a brass coated measuring cup. 

Cocktail shaker: 16.9 oz

Measuring cup: 0.68 oz and 1.35 oz

The Nordic Collection by Stelton can be viewed here

The Stelton brand can be viewed here

$ 74.95