1815 Bright Colors Cereal Bowl Set by Royal Doulton

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Royal Doulton

1815 was the year John Doulton founded his now world-famous pottery and to commemorate that heritage, Royal Doulton created the 1815 pattern. The 1815 collection mixes artisan hand dipped ceramics with a vibrant fusion of color.

These colorful Cereal Bowls are perfect for serving individual sized portions to all of your guests.

Includes 4 Cereal Bowls.

Measurements: H: 3 in, W: 6 in, D: 6 in, Capacity: 22 oz

Material: Porcelain 

Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

The Royal Doulton Collections observe the expressive and varied styles discovered in the lofts, studios and apartments of 'new London' through creative use of materials, patterns, colors and textures.

The 1815 collection is available here.

The Royal Doulton brand is available here.

$ 50.00