Candle Holder 956 by Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen

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Georg Jensen

Combining beauty with function, designer Henning Koppel spent his career creating objects that were striking in form and practical in use. Henning Koppel was adept at making his most miraculous works seem effortless.

Candelabra 956 is the first corpus designed by Henning Koppel. He presented a model of plaster, clay and model wax - that looked like something that had never been created by Georg Jensen. 

The candelabra was really a groundbreaking corpus. It is like an experimental piece of art - an abstract sculpture. The organic form is explicit and legendary in the asymmetry. The candelabra has a built-in changeability and vividness - it has no natural front or back, and every angle surprises with a whole new look.

Material: Sterling Silver

Measurements: H: 3.98 inches. 

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Henning Koppel 1918-1981 was born to a wealthy Jewish family and showed an early talent for art, leading him to train in both drawing and aquarelle early on. He continued studies in sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy and later in Paris. His superb drafting skills, developed as a child, helped him in to produce outstanding product renderings of his designs.