Golf Ball Clear Acrylic 7.5" Ice Bucket by Grainware

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$ 150.00

Golf Ball Clear Ice Bucket by Grainware

Grainware has a reputation as high-end crystalline acrylic products that combine unique and technically challenging designs. Each Grainware product is a piece of functional art made of acrylic, created with care and precision. Acrylic is BPA-free and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions: 8.7" W X 8.2" D X 7.5" H

Acrylic items should be cleaned by hand with mild soap and lukewarm water or a cleaner designed specifically for acrylic.  Chlorine based detergents should be avoided. Alcohol or ammonia based products, particularly many kinds of common window cleaners, will permanently cloud acrylic. Abrasives, brushes, cleaning pads, solvents, or disinfectants of any kind should never be used as they can damage the surface.