Minimalist Stoneware Bowl by John Pawson for When Objects Work

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When Objects Work
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Stoneware Bowl by John Pawson for When Objects Work

This collection of dinnerware was designed for the monks at the Abbey of Our Lady in the Czech Republic. From the idea of creating a set of essential equipment for the monks’ refectory has evolved a collection which represents the elegant minimum for the contemporary table.

Small: 4.9" dia.
Medium: 6.9" dia,
Large: 9.8" dia.
Off-White glaze.

John Pawson, OBE is a British architect and designer. Well known for his minimalist aesthetic, his noted architectural works include the Wooden Chapel in Germany and the Abbey of Our Lady of Nový Dvůr in the Czech Republic. Pawson's work is based in form and material, with little ornamentation. The process of reductive design may appear simplistic at first; it is not. Minimalist design is often 'cold' and cumbersome despite the efforts of the designer. A master such as Pawson designs product that exudes a special warmth and beauty in addition to its functionality.

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