Golem I 6" Vases by Rony Plesl for Ruckl

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$ 526.95

Golem I 6" Vases by Rony Plesl for Ruckl

Part of Rony Plesl's Golem Collection.

The earth shakes and in the distance we hear thudding steps. The air fills with clay-dust and a carmine glow floods the streets of Prague’s Old Town. After many quiet years, the Golem has set off on a journey to meet his creator.

‘Špičtajn’ is the classic Bohemian-crystal cut formed by small pyramids. Designer Rony Plesl wrapped vases, carafes and aroma diffusers with this notable, delicate pattern that at once lends crystal a haptic roughness. He was inspired by the famous Prague legend of the Golem and its creator, Rabbi Löw. Instead of the magical shem, the designer placed a red crystal to Golem’s forehead, breathing new life into this Czech-crystal legend.

In early Golem tales the Golem was an ideal servant, their only fault was being too literal or mechanical in fulfillment of his master’s orders. In the 16th century the Golem became known as a protector of the Jewish community in times of persecution. The Golem is said to be made of clay or mud and brought to life with a magical shem, a specific trinket or phrase that holds the life-force within.

Handmade, Hand Cut and Hand Decorated.

Lead-free glass. Hand wash only.

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Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl is a designer and a sculptor. During his career, he has experimented with several forms of fine arts using glass and other materials. His works include sculptures, individual works of applied arts, decorative items, as well as industrially produced glassware. Plesl combines a wide range of various influences and principles, intertwined and mingled in numerous forms of his artwork. His love for Italy and history of art go hand in glove with his interest in glass as a material, its structure, visual qualities, and epic stories enshrined therein.

Ruckl, located in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1846.  Czech glass has been known for its artistic and often daring approach to the medium for centuries. Equally adept at form and decor, Mr. Plesl's works for Ruckl are engaging, beautiful and functional.  We are honored to be able to bring Ruckl to your home.