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Hawthorne Professional Cocktail Strainer by Modern Mixologist

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Modern Mixologist
$ 27.00

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Water is an essential cocktail component, imparted by dilution of the ice with which we stir or shake it. When it’s time to separate a cocktail from its ice—or muddled-in fruit or other large, solid ingredients—strainers do the trick. But some strainers work better than others for different mixing vessels.

Designed to fit perfectly into the Modern Mixologist Boston Shaker, Cobbler, or Mixing Beaker (not to be confused with the mixing glass), the line’s Hawthorne Strainer is weighty and solid—one holds it deliberately.

The hole pattern not only unifies the line’s look, but also serves a function. However, unlike the Julep Strainer, the holes are meant to let air in, speeding up the flow of liquid from the spring. “The biggest flaw I find with most Hawthorne strainers is the spring density: not a heavy enough gauge wire and not enough of it,” creator Tony Abou-Ganim says. “So it doesn’t do a good job of straining out ice shards.” He went through a dozen springs before arriving at this one, which features a voluminous, heavy-gauge, one-piece wire spring that is welded to its handle for a unified feel and look.

 A trigger tab lets you control both the speed and volume of the flow, and like other pieces in the collection (such as the Citrus Squeezer), uses divots to subtly guide your hand into the proper position. It also sports a subtle logo and large eyelet for storing on a hook.

Materials: Stainless steel
Dimensions: L 6 7/8”, W 3 7/8”, H 1½”

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