1828 Jules Verne Eau de Parfum by Histoires de Parfums

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Histoires de Parfums

Jules Verne: world adventurer, dreamer and writer who took us from the bottom of the ocean to the center of the earth and back again.

This is a scent filled with memories of travel. A very positive, almost springtime-y scent with very interesting play of citrus, eucalyptus, ane pine. Light and bouncy yet durable.

Top Note: Grapefruit, Citrus, Tangerine, Eucalyptus
Heart Note: Nutmeg, Pepper
Base Note: Cedar, Incense, Vetiver, Pine cone

Founded in 2000 by Gerard Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums is about telling stories through scents. Formally trained at ISIPCA at Versailles, Ghislain first developed a series based upon famous people and named after the dates of their birth.  The line has continued to grow as inspiration strikes.  The eau de parfums are at 15% and are quality and long-lasting.

image for 15ml coming soon.

$ 35.00