2018 Christmas Plate by Royal Copenhagen: LIMITED STOCK!

Royal Copenhagen

The Christmas tree salesman has chosen his most beautiful trees and sells them at the old square in the middle of Copenhagen. Only the nicest trees are good enough for Nytorv. This is where philosopher Søren Kierkegaard was born and writer Ludvig Holberg used to live just around the corner. Here, you feel the presence of history... just marvel at this old lamppost. The white dove in the sky brings Christmas peace.

7.1" diameter.

The Christmas plates from Royal Copenhagen have been issued every year since 1908. The relief for the motif has been hand-cut by the most talented modeling artists based on the designer’s drawing, and the plate has been cut according to old, proud craftsmanship traditions.

This plate was designed and sculptured by Allan Therkelsen who has also designed this year’s figurine, bell, drop and cup.

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$ 120.00