Anna New York

Afora 2 Dice Set by ANNA New York

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Afora  from "metafora" which means "metaphor" in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.  The collection is a metaphor for rebirth - it takes materials (broken stones and off-cuts of wood) which were discarded and transforms them through design to give them a new life. As a company, Anna New York believes in reclaiming and re-purposing materials, using design to transform them into something brand new.

The inlaid gemstone pieces for this collection are reminiscent of the antique inlaid tables which Anna grew up with, beloved by her father for their precise and delicate combinations of contrasting, exotic wood.

Dimensions: 5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Materials: Milpa Wood and Cape Amethyst

Care: Wipe clean with damp soft cloth.

Made in Mexico and Brazil. 

This is a natural product- stone color and pattern may vary.

Designer Anna Rabinowicz launched her first home collection for Anna New York in 2002, creating objects inspired by nature which fuse ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge design. She uses a luxurious palette of materials, layering semiprecious gems including agate and crystal with the finishing touches of pure gold and sterling silver.

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