Alghero Outdoor Rugs by Missoni Home

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Missoni Home
$ 960.00

Luxury Outdoor Rug

It’s a nice summer day out with your friends, family, or just by yourself. You get to the beach or park, set down your bag, and fetch that Missoni outdoor rug from under the crook of your elbow. You grab one end of the luxury outdoor rug and snap it out high over the ground. Toss off your flip-flops, feel that grass or sand under your feet, and settle in.

There’s something immensely satisfying about laying on a comfortable luxury outdoor rug. This one here, with the delightful bayadère pattern, is from Missoni Home. Their luxury outdoor rugs are almost obscenely cheerful. You can’t help but feel better when you wind down into one. They’re resilient too--handwoven from 100% polyester fiber and perfect for outdoor use.

The Missoni home rug is available in a couple of standard sizes and in custom measurements as well (a minimum of 43 sq. ft.). If you have a particular size in mind, just get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

Care Instructions:

  • Delicate professional wet washing
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Do not iron

This rug ships to you in two to six weeks. The delivery time may change depending on the stocking situation. Bear in mind, the Missoni home rug is considered a special order, meaning you can’t change your mind once you’ve bought it. But, why would you ever want to?

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