Ashtray by Jean-Michel Wilmotte for When Objects Work

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When Objects Work

Ashtray by Jean-Michel Wilmotte for When Objects Work

Elegant modernist ashtray.  Dark Grey Aluminum.
9.8" square.

This item generally has a 4-6 week delivery time.

Architect, city planner and designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte was born in 1948 in Soissons (France). He founded his own architecture firm in Paris in 1975. 
Jean-Michel Wilmotte takes an interest in everything in equal measure: from the most improbable to the most obvious, from the top of the range to the most economical, from the smallest thing to the most imposing.

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when objects work is a company based in Belgium, editing and distributing exclusive objects, designed by leading architects & designers whose work shares a preoccupation with simple forms, usefulness and timeless idiom. All objects are made with authentic materials and craftsmanship.

$ 840.00