Bauhaus Century Modern Steel Watch by Project Watches

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$ 159.00
Brown Band
Black Band

Bauhaus Century Steel Watch by Project Watches

The Bauhaus Century Steel Watch combines the craft and artistry of watch building.  Denis Guidone’s use of primary Bauhaus colors of red, yellow and blue cubes framed in a traditional round case with a cubed crown for adjusting the time highlight and pay homage to the Bauhaus influences.

The Bauhaus Century STEEL Watch is made of a brushed stainless steel case measuring 40mm in diameter and complemented with a 20mm brown or black band.

The Bauhaus movement was inspired by a vision to bring artists and craftsmen together to start a movement in art which would change the future of the world, Walter Gropius opened the doors to Bauhaus. The year was 1919 when Gropius founded Staatliches Bauhaus Weimar. Germany was bankrupt after a devastating World War I and the younger generation was eager to make positive changes. “Architects, painters, sculptors, we must all return to crafts! For there is no such thing as “professional art”.

The Project Brand can be accessed here.