Cinema 125 Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro

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Cinema 125 Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro

$ 60.00

Cinema 125 Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro

Now here's a real movie star! In this year when the 125th anniversary of the first session of that filmmaker in Paris is being celebrated, this most famous sardine evokes the magic that celluloid film lets project. Cinema is celebrated with icons, with popcorn and with Hollywood.

Sardines represent the Portuguese Coast.
Part of a series of collectible sardines decorated by artists. Comes in a gift box.

1 3/8” x 7 2/7” x 1 3/8”

The Sardine collection is available here.

Fábrica Bordallo Pinheiro is a Portuguese company specializing in ceramics since 1884. Specializing in the brightly colored form and imagery of faience ware, work from Pinheiro has been the recipient of awards and is in private and museum collections. 


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