Cypres Lavender and Cedar Candle by Rigaud Paris

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Rigaud Paris
$ 30.00

Cypres Lavender and Cedar Candle by Rigaud Paris

Featuring a calming lavender and rich cedar wood scent, the Cypres candle by Rigaud blends a rich aromatic sweetness with a welcoming woodsy aroma to help relax and sooth the mind. Cypres is timeless, generous, and refined.

Small: 2.1 oz./60g - 28 hours
Med: 6.0 oz./170g - 60 hours
Large: 8.1 oz./230g - 90 hours
Prestige: 26.5 oz./ 750g - 150 hours

230g/8.1 oz. Refills are available upon request.

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Founded in 1852, Rigaud Paris began producing the world's first perfumed candles in the 1950s. All of their candles are handmade with a patented soft wax specifically developed to release and diffuse fragrance with both intensity and longevity.  Each Rigaud candle comes with a lid and gift box (refills not included).