Eau de Parfum Discovery Kit by Juliette Has A Gun

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Juliette Has A Gun

Discover the full classic collection put together in a new 12 vials Discovery kit.

The set contains a 1.7ml vial of each of the following fragrances: Not a perfume, Sunny side up, MMMM..., Lady Vengeance, Another Oud, Gentlewoman, Miss Charming, Anyway, Citizen Queen, Vengeance Extreme, Midnight Oud, Mad Madam.

Founded by Romano Ricci in 2006, Juliette Has A Gun symbolizes the revenge of Shakespeare's Juliette. Ricci is blueblood in the perfume trade; his great-grandmother was Nina Ricci, his grandfather was Robert Ricci (of L'Air du Temps fame). Initially collaborating with Francis Kurkdjian, Ricci has since been the recipient of awards within the perfume community as he continues to develop the mystique around Juliette.

The Juliette Has A Gun Brand can be accessed here

$ 24.95