Ellipse Desk Set by Abi Alice for Alessi CLEARANCE

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Ellipse Desk Set by Abi Alice for Alessi

Out of production.  New in Box unless specified.

Designed by Abi Alice for Alessi, the Ellipse desk set is produced via traditional metal processing in which the sheet is cut and then bent or folded into its shape. The collection includes an office set comprising two elements:

1) A bent ellipse that holds pencils, pens, paper clips, etc.
2) A larger ellipse that becomes a minimalist envelope holder.

The set comes in four color versions: steel, white, yellow and light blue.

From the designer:

The “Ellipse” collection originated from a brief given by Alberto Alessi to many of the Alessi designers: to create objects that utilize the cutting and bending production processes which the Alessi workshop is renowned for. I began to make multiple prototypes in colored card by bending, folding and rolling ellipses in different sizes until I arrived at the “Ellipse” collection.

My intention was to create sculptural, pure and minimalist forms which could also function as containers, aiming to create multi-use containers that could equally be used in various settings. In addition I wanted to incorporate rich and vibrant colors, and an element of gold, as I have always held the belief that color and form have the potential to have an uplifting effect on our psychology.

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$ 75.00