Fado Singer Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro

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Fado Singer Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro

$ 60.00

Fado Singer Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro

Carminho creates a sardine inspired by her family history and culture. A curation of Fado women who were present in her training, but also some of the most relevant in Fado history. These are ten women who have already left but who have left behind an incalculable legacy and cultural heritage. Front: Hermínia Silva, Berta Cardoso, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Lucília do Carmo, Amália Rodrigues Back: Celeste Rodrigues, Argentina Santos, Maria José da Guia, Beatriz da Conceição, Ana Rosmaninho.

Sardines represent the Portuguese Coast.
Part of a series of collectible sardines decorated by artists. Comes in a gift box.

1 3/8” x 7 2/7” x 1 3/8”

The Sardine collection is available here.

Fábrica Bordallo Pinheiro is a Portuguese company specializing in ceramics since 1884. Specializing in the brightly colored form and imagery of faience ware, work from Pinheiro has been the recipient of awards and is in private and museum collections. 


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