Flora Vulgaris Stainless Steel Tea Spoon, Set of 6 by Roos van de Velde for Serax

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$ 84.00

Flora Vulgaris Stainless Steel Table Spoon, Set of 6 by Roos van de Velde for Serax

Like all her other creations, Roos Van de Velde’s ultra-light Flora Vulgaris collection for Serax has that unmissable link with Nature. The name alludes to the rather 'wild' and intuitive way in which the cutlery was given shape. Features forks like branched twigs, spoons featuring endless leaf shapes and knives looking like razor shells.

The cutlery’s brushed steel is extremely durable and suitable for even the most intensive use by top chefs, it acquires its own patina in a natural way, and therefore its unique identity.

Material: Stainless Steel

Measurements: 5.3"

Care: Dishwasher safe.

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Roos Van de Velde is a visual artist who is inspired by nature. Nature is the thread that runs through all of her designs with a recurring and strong underlying presence. Her porcelain tableware, launched in 2009, symbolizes innovation in different fields. It was the first time a tableware collection for restaurants and hotels was produced of which the imperfection, the flaws and the coincidence during the production process were given a reason to exist.