Fly Away Napkin Ring, set of 4 by Kim Seybert

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Kim Seybert
$ 140.00

Fly Away Napkin Ring, set of 4 by Kim Seybert

Kim Seybert is bugging out! Fashion-forward and playful, their embellished napkin rings are formed in brass emphasizing its Quartz abdomen.

Dimensions: 4'' x 3''

Materials: 100% brass with quartz setting

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth

Kim Seybert founded her company on the firm belief that just as beautiful clothes are made to be worn, beautiful pieces can be made for the table. “When I started out in 1998, my idea was to create gorgeous pieces that could be sold in the stores I liked to shop in,” says Seybert. “I wanted it to be fashion for the home.” She set out to combine her personal philosophy and design experience to craft a supremely stylish collection for modern living.

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