Four-Leaf Clover Bottle Stopper by Olivia Riegel

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Olivia Riegel

Four-Leaf Clover Bottle Stopper by Olivia Riegel

2”W x 1.25”D x 4”H

Gold finished cast pewter upper, encrusted with hand-set emerald European crystals. Stainless steel and rubber stopper base.

Includes gift box.

Distinguished decorative artist Jon Morris established OLIVIA RIEGEL in 2000 as a tribute to his beloved grandmother—a consummate collector of chic costume jewelry. His vision was to offer customers elegant bejeweled objects that incorporate vintage details with a modern sensibility. This vision continues as Jon’s designs are translated into a rich collection of handcrafted home décor, giftware, bridal goods, and women’s accessories.

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$ 48.00 $ 60.00