Gala Tumbler, Seafoam set of 4 by Kim Seybert

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Kim Seybert
$ 216.00

Gala Tumbler, Seafoam set of 4 by Kim Seybert

Featuring a feast of colors, the Gala glasses were inspired by Italy's famed Murano Glass. The unique creation process incorporates specks of colorful glass to create true works of art. The stemless nature of these styles are perfect for mixing and matching with your favorite styles.

Dimensions: 4.8" H, 16 oz.

Material: 100% Glass.

Care: Hand wash only.

Kim Seybert founded her company on the firm belief that just as beautiful clothes are made to be worn, beautiful pieces can be made for the table. “When I started out in 1998, my idea was to create gorgeous pieces that could be sold in the stores I liked to shop in,” says Seybert. “I wanted it to be fashion for the home.” She set out to combine her personal philosophy and design experience to craft a supremely stylish collection for modern living. Enjoy.

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