Gravity Colored Click Clock Alarm Clock by Gingko

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Sky Blue

Gravity Colored Click Clock by Gingko

Housed in a bright colorful and sleek rubberized cube and designed with the ingenious touch sensitive snooze and gravity controlled alarm, the new colorful Gravity Cube Click Clock collection can make your every minute in bed matter. To snooze simply touch the soft top of this cube and to turn off the alarm, just turn it over onto any side. It’s a great way to stop you fumbling in the dark looking for the snooze or off switch and make your every morning start with fun.

A portable and rechargeable clock the Gravity Click Clock shows time, date, and temperature with just a click of your fingers or a hand clap. It automatically switches off when the room is quiet, lighting up again when the alarm goes off or as a response to your clicked fingers or clapped hands. The numbers seem to float on the lovely little block, but that's just half the magic of this cuboid with a conscience.

- display time, date and temperature alternately
- gravity controlled alarm with touch sensitive snooze
- LED display automatically switches off when it’s quiet
- 12/24 hours and Celsius or Fahrenheit format display can be selected
- European or American date format can be selected
- LED display automatically dims half between 9pm and 7am
-  product size: 3" x 3" x 3"

Gingko is a UK-based company which was founded in 2011 by Paul Sun with the objective of designing, manufacturing and selling high-class eco-friendly, stylish, functional and unique quality products for home and design-led gifts.

The Gingko brand is available here.