Histoires de Parfums Discovery Sampler Perfume Kit

Histoires de Parfums

This set includes 2ml of each of 10 notable Eau de Parfums in the Histoires de Parfums portfolio, including:

1725, 1740, 1804, 1826, 1828, 1876, 1899, 1969, Ambre 114, & Noir Patchouli

Founded in 2000 by Gerard Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums is about telling stories through scents. Formally trained at ISIPCA at Versailles, Ghislain first developed a series based upon famous people and named after the dates of their birth.  The line has continued to grow as inspiration strikes.  The eau de parfums are at 15% and are quality and long-lasting.

This item is refundable with a purchase of $100 or more of HdP products on your next visit. Not valid with other offers.

$ 20.00