Kaku Dako Kite Kit by Tait Design

Tait Design

Spend your afternoon soaring with these great Kaku Dako kites from Tait Design. 

Kaku Dako is a traditional Japanese square kite. These kits have everything need to make your own bamboo and paper kite- with materials sourced in the United States.

Happy flying!

Available in Mint, Black & White, and Peach.

TAIT Design Co. is an independent product design studio owned and operated by Matthew Tait and Audrey Elkus. Founded in 2013 in Detroit, they make toys that help people of all ages develop mentally and socially, and housewares that are thoughtful and timeless. They put a premium above all else on the way our products are made, as all of them are designed and assembled in Detroit with 100% materials sourced in the USA.  

$ 19.95
Black & White