Line 8oz Cognac Glass by Anna Ehrner for Kosta Boda

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Kosta Boda

Line 7oz Cognac Glass by Anna Ehrner for Kosta Boda

Anna Ehrner's Line glassware is characterized with an elegant glass thread encircling the bowl, a mark of Swedish craftsmanship of the highest quality. The spun glass thread that is put on by hand, making each line is similar, but slightly different depending on the shape and size of each glass. Simple yet elegant, modern yet formal, this collection of glassware is ideal for formal and every day use. 

Material(s): Glass 

Measurements: H: 4 1/2", W: 2 3/8", 8oz. capacity

Dishwasher safe

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An experimental and minimalistic stylist, Anna Ehrners work is distinguished by simple yet powerful shapes and an ability to achieve colorful displays using color in subtle ways. Veils of color inside the glass have become something of Anna Ehrner’s trademark, as have the lofty different colored stalks that are characteristic of her art glass. She is also the originator of best-selling collections such as our Line glasses and the Contrast series of bowls.

$ 40.00