Make Up 4" Cerise Hot Lips Sculpture by Åsa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda

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Kosta Boda

Make Up 4" Cerise Hot Lips Sculpture by Åsa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda

Åsa Jungnelius always has a message behind her popular products, and her Make Up series is bursting with symbols of feminine accessories used worldwide. Simple bursts of color inspired by make up are implemented throughout the collection, bold but feminine, simple yet graphically strong, every piece is slightly different. Because this collection is made by hand, there are slight differences, heightening how each woman has a different way to show their femininity. 

Material(s): Lead Free Crystal

Measurements: H: 2.5" x  W: 4.0"

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Åsa Jungnelius was born in Stockholm and has been retained by Kosta Boda as a designer since 2007. She is fascinated by the way the value of an object is created and what it conveys about us and our world. She is continually challenging the establishment by questioning the structural norms of society. The resulting creations are razor sharp comments. Åsa Jungnelius art spans a wide spectrum, covering issues such as aesthetic hierarchies, fashion, shopping, decadence and construction of gender. References that are all clearly expressed in the collections Jackie and Make Up.

$ 100.00