Midnight Medium Decorative Bowl by Alev Ebuzziya for Nude

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The Midnight collection is available in various shapes and sizes. Ideal for serving snacks, displaying a magnificent centerpiece or a fruit basket. The bowls perfectly marry the masculine and feminine with their crisp rim and velvet curves. The bottom of each bowl slopes to a soft base, insinuating a lightness to the product.

Dimensions: 8.6" x 3.2"
Capacity: 78 fluid ounce
Material: Glass
Care: Hand Wash

Midnight Collection is available here.
Nude Collections are available here.

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Alev Ebuzziya is an internationally renowned artist, best known for her unique ceramic bowls which are in 30 museum collections around the world, though she has a real passion for glass and textiles too. “I knew by the time I left school that I wasn’t going to be a dentist or a lawyer,” she says. “Art is very important to me, but I like to work in the design world too, in larger scale production, so my pieces can reach many more people.” In the 1960s, Alev headed to Copenhagen, attracted by the clarity and modernity of the Danish design of that period. Her own work also exudes a simplicity and tranquility that makes her a perfect partner for the Nude brand. 

Nude is a Turkish company that specializes in collaborations with up and coming artists and designers. Featuring non-leaded glass, the company has received numerous design award.  A decidedly modern company, Nude produces quality work as both accent and functional barware/glassware for the home or professional environment.

$ 120.00
Opal Grey