Mothers for Marijuana T-Shirt by Hippo-Tees

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The design of these T-Shirts date back over 40 years ago, when Barry Anderson & Jeff Axelrod decided to go into business.  Along the way they began the trend of concert T-shirts, working with Bill Graham and a who's who of bands of the era: Allmans, Grateful Dead, Dylan, The Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Santana, and more. 

T-shirts are 100% Cotton. 
Other sizes are available.  Ask.

Legalization of marijuana has been a topic in California for many years. The images on these T-shirts are original designs from that period.  Many of them have that San Fran/R.Crumb Style that has become so well known. Enjoy.

To view more historical designs from Barry and Jeff please click here.

$ 24.95

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