Mr. Chin Egg Cup by Alessi

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A clever design by Stefano Giovannoni, Mr. Chin is a resin egg cup complete with spoon. His hat doubles as a salt shaker.

The principal objective of “The Chin Family”, the collection created by the collaboration between Alessi and Taiwan's National Palace Museum, was to create a figure concept that would be a mascot for the museum.

With this brief, Stefano Giovannoni created a whole family of little characters, each with their own special domestic role. The technology used to make the characters is unusual: instead of being made with a single moulding injection, each object is moulded in separate pieces and then assembled, like wooden figurines. The details of the artistically-interpreted Oriental clothing are painted by hand.

3.25" x 2" x 4.25"h
Hand wash.

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$ 34.00