Bathing in salt or seaweed are two types of spa treatments
that have been used for centuries and to this day are still
being used to soften you skin and revitalize your body and

No. 065 Mint Bath Salt by L:A Bruket

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L:A Bruket
$ 35.00

L:A Bruket's Seaweed & Bath Salts are produced using natural ingredients and are based on the centuries-old tradition of invigorating salt & seaweed spas.

Add a handful of this organic bath salt into your foot bath and enjoy a mint scented, healing and energizing soak that reduces stress, stimulates and improves concentration.

450 g.

Ingredients: Sodium chloride (unbleached sea salt), Mentha piperita (mint), Limonene (a natural ingredient of essential oils). L:A Bruket is a skin care company founded by Monica Kylen et al and located in Varberg, on the Western coast of Sweden. The product is of the highest quality with many ingredients locally sourced, especially their famous No. 051 seaweed spa bath, using seaweed harvested by their friend.