Big Top Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 4 by Youmeus Design for Nude

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Big Top Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 4 by Youmeus Design for Nude

 Designed by Youmeus design with a Turkish glassware company renowned for modern styles.

Capacity Variations: 9 fluid ounce or 10.8 fluid ounce 
Material: Glass
Care: Dishwasher Safe

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London-based, Youmeus Design seeks out ambitious clients and, through design, makes them relevant. The creation of design products and consumer experiences  begins with a fascination for the various ways that people live and the myriad of ways in which humans experience daily life. Through his philosophy and creativity, Youmeus unlocks radical and imaginative ideas, glamorous, playful and savy visuals, and generates new opportunities for brands on the vanguard of their industries.

Nude is a Turkish company that specializes in collaborations with up and coming artists and designers. Featuring non-leaded glass, the company has received numerous design award.  A decidedly modern company, Nude produces quality work as both accent and functional barware/glassware for the home or professional environment.

$ 58.00