Pizzico Salt Shaker by Alessi

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An innovative salt castor consisting of silicone and a base of stainless steel, the pizzico is a more hygienic form of salting food via movement of the fingers.

According to the designers from the Milan-based firm Busetti Garuti Redaelli:
“With a new approach, taking a fresh look at established habits, reinterpreting forms and considering different materials, we arrived at a synthesis between the age-old gesture of taking a pinch of salt and the practical and sanitary solution of classic salt castors. The shape is comfortable to hold and the exit point of the salt is flexible in order to follow one’s fingertips during the motion of spreading the salt. There is no annoying shaking and there aren’t any holes that can become clogged due to moisture, as happens with conventional castors. Thanks to its particular shape and flexibility “Pizzico” can also be used in various ways. In addition to pinches of salt, it also allows you to uniformly spread a larger amount of salt simply by not pressing on the castor’s mouth which, if you want an even greater amount, can be easily opened by pressing on the corners, which is useful, for example, when seasoning a large bowl of salad.”

Salt castor in silicone and 18/10 stainless steel.
ø 1 ¼” – h 4”

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$ 22.00

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