Kurage Reversible Bowl by Alejandro Ruiz for Nude

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$ 152.00

This piece is hand-blown, ensuring that each is completely unique, it can be used for flower arrangement or simply storage. Turned on its head it can also work as a display-stand for cakes and desserts. Its soft curves are irresistible, providing a magnificent pedestal for any display.

Dimensions: 10.6" x 4.3"
Capacity: 94.5 fluid ounce 
Material: Glass
Care: Hand Wash

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Alejandro Ruiz was born on December 18th, 1958, in Bahía Blanca which is a coastal town in Argentina, and graduated from Industrial Design Department in 1984. He has taught lessons in Domus Academy which he had the master's degree in 1986, and in Architecture Faculty of Milan Technical University.

In Studioruiz which was founded by himself, he worked with various world famous brands such as 3M, Alessi, Alfa Romeo, B&B Italia, Gruppo Electrolux, Fratelli Guzzini, Kellogs, Microsoft Italia, Mitsubishi, Virgin Records, Zanussi Elettrodomestici and Nude. Ruiz has participated in many design and interior architecture focused events and exhibitions in Italy, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, England and the USA. Ruiz has designed for Alessi is in the portfolio of New York MoMA continuous exhibition. He has created the brand called Lessdesign with Anna Lombardi in 1994, with the purpose of developing industrial projects. The designer had been working on packaging, interior design, store design, event and exhibition design in Studioruiz. The designer died at the age of 60 in Milan.

Nude is a Turkish company that specializes in collaborations with up and coming artists and designers. Featuring non-leaded glass, the company has received numerous design award.  A decidedly modern company, Nude produces quality work as both accent and functional barware/glassware for the home or professional environment.