Scratch Watch by Tibor Kalman for M&Co

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Scratch Watch by Tibor Kalman for M&Co

As with all M&Co Watches, whimsey plays a huge part.  While the Bodoni Watch is a classic with its Bodoni font, The Scratch Watch from M&Co is one of its loves!  In what are handwritten numbers, Tibor Kalman plays upon “handwritten” numbers or a/k/a Scratch!  What better name for a watch than Scratch depicting what the appointed font.  After all, we’re not talking chicken scratch here!

Each hand-crafted timepiece is made of stainless steel ensuring a finish that stays looking new and comes with a genuine topstitched black leather band lined with a taupe glove leather finish and a matching black buckle

The late Tibor Kalman, founder of M&Co. began his legendary relationship with time in 1983. In the spirit of the motto imprinted on the backside of the watches – “Waste Not a Moment.”

Made of IP black stainless steel, Scratch is 33mm in diameter (1.30″) and 6.35mm high (1/4″) making this timeless classic perfect for any size wrist. Scratch is complemented with a black leather stitched 18mm tapered band.

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