Sunflower Seeds from Essencia Farm

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$ 14.95

Grown near sunny Sedona, Arizona, these sunflower seeds are Mammoth Grey-Stripes and can grow 8 to 12 feet tall!  Featuring massive blooms that can be harvested for roasting, planting,, or left to feed the birds.

While most sunflower seeds are sold in paper envelopes packaged with just a small handful of seeds, these cotton canvas bags of heirloom seeds are designed to grow a truly stunning and generous display. 

Each 1/4lb bag contains over 1000 seeds, ample for sharing in your neighborhood, with friends, and at community events.  2 oz. size also available. Plant liberally and be happy!

Sourced from a small scale, organic farm in Northern Arizona, these sunflower seeds are drought tolerant and vigorous producers. 


About Essencia Farm:
Essencia Farm is the idea of Marcia Karasek, a Landscape Architeect trained at the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Karasek remembers as a child purchasing seed 'leftovers' at the end of the planting season.  Essencia began as a soil reclamation project that turned into a passion and a business. She suggests, "Plant generously in places that are public facing — along street facing edges, fences, in vacant fields, and in your front yard and you’ll likely invite positive interactions with friends and neighbors old and new. You will experience your own new connection to the miracle of the process."