Terres de Rêves Glass Carafe 5°, 28.7 oz. by Anita Le Grelle for Serax

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$ 46.00

Terres de Rêves Glass Carafe 5°, 28.7 oz. by Anita Le Grelle for Serax

Terres de rêves, the dream world of Anita Le Grelle. As a visual protest against traditional jugs and carafes, which, according to Anita Le Grelle, are often dull and far too straight, the quirky designer created a series of jugs that were all made ‘crooked’ on purpose. Some can even be placed on the table in a tilted position.

Material: Hand-blown Glass

Dimensions: 4.3" H x 5.5" W, 28.7 oz.

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Anita le Grelle is Belgian, born and raised in Antwerp. After her degree in graphic design and a promising career in Brussels, she moved to London to follow her husband. Whilst raising her five children, she progressively became eager to express her creativity, confronting her hands with matter. She followed a full British curriculum, focusing on sculpture, and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2000. In 2002 she settles in Brussels and set ups her home studio, carrying on the work she started across the Channel. As a sculptor Anita relentlessly explores creativity, defining her own world of inspired fantasy – exhibiting across Europe, displaying a series of pieces crafted with impeccable technical skills. In 2013, she haphazardly experiments with pottery. After many bespoke orders, Anita turned a passion project into her business, building Terres de Rêves into an internationally renowned company thanks to the help of Serax. Today Anita designs homeware collections and continues to create bespoke ceramics for the world’s most demanding clients, all handcrafted in her Brussels studio (open for visit).

Serax is a Belgian design company. All Serax collections – from tableware, glass, and furniture to flower­pots and lighting – are all carefully chosen for the purpose of creating interiors that bring happiness. The interior of a home is the mirror of the personality of the people living in it. Therefore, Serax and its team of designers only selects and edits products that have soul.