This is Not a Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum by Histoires de Parfums

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Histoires de Parfums


One of the newest frangrances by Gerard Ghislain, This is Not a Blue Bottle has a vibrant Yves Klein look.  Unisex, the eau de parfum is an addictive meld of bitter orange and patchouli.

Ghislain says, "I have always felt that there is no rhyme or reason how scent makes us feel.  It’s a magnetic and primal sense. I made Histoires 15 years ago as a concept brand to tell the stories of exceptional individuals. I made This is Not a Blue Bottle as a pre-concept, something that is only emerging, whose story does not exist until it is on the skin."

Founded in 2000 by Gerard Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums is about telling stories through scents. Formally trained at ISIPCA at Versailles, Ghislain first developed a series based upon famous people and named after the dates of their birth.  The line has continued to grow as inspiration strikes.  The eau de parfums are at 15% and are quality and long-lasting.


$ 28.00 $ 35.00