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This is Not a Blue Bottle Ying Yang Eau de Parfum by Histoires de Parfums

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Histoires de Parfums
$ 28.00 $ 35.00

 Part of the This is Not a Blue Bottle collection, the creation of these two perfumes was inspired by the Yin and Yang philosophy of every element in the universe having its opposite. These perfumes are opposites that are dependent on each other. In this case, the Yin and Yang represent Natural and Synthetic.

1.4, Yin, the natural energy focus on itself, the inner power, the depth of the elements, the return to the sources and the reflection.

Scent profile: 

  • Top notes: Davana, Lavander, Cardamom
    Heart notes: Ylang-Ylang, Tonka Bean, Benzoin
    Base notes: Patchouli, Labdanum, Opoponax

1.5, Yang, the synthetic energy entirely outward-looking, the creative power, the vivacity, the future, the evolution and the action.

Scent profile:

  • Top notes: Aldehydes, Ozonic Citrusy Accord
    Heart notes: Karismal Super, Floral Fantasy
    Base notes: Ambroxan, Musk T, Mineral Accord

Founded in 2000 by Gerard Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums is about telling stories through scents. Formally trained at ISIPCA at Versailles, Ghislain first developed a series based upon famous people and named after the dates of their birth.  The line has continued to grow as inspiration strikes.  The eau de parfums are at 15% and are quality and long-lasting.

The Histoires de Parfums collection is available here.