Tilt 10.25 oz Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottle by Pentagon Design for Nude

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$ 78.00

Tilt 10.25 oz Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottle by Pentagon Design for Nude

The Tilt family of carafes, is a handsome collection made for the kitchen but sophisticated enough for the table. Their clever design makes them easy pouring devices, while the glass is weighted for maximum stability. Each comes with an ergonomically designed glossy black stopper to keep the contents fresh. The product is equal parts comfortable to use and contemporary.

Dimensions:  4”D x 7 1/4”H, 10 1/4 fl oz capacity  
Material: Glass
Care: Hand Wash

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Arni Aromaa and Sauli Suomela established their agency, Pentagon Design in 1996. Now they run a studio of 15, including industrial, graphic and interior designers, engineers, and economists. Their projects range from packaging for a Finnish confectionery company to the interior of a new library. Their design education, which followed the Bauhaus ideology, has left them with a preference for restraint and rigor. Coming from Finland, they have always thought of glass as a primary material.

Nude is a Turkish company that specializes in collaborations with up and coming artists and designers. Featuring non-leaded glass, the company has received numerous design award.  A decidedly modern company, Nude produces quality work as both accent and functional barware/glassware for the home or professional environment.