Twisted Measuring Cup, White by Gabriele Rosa for Alessi CLEARANCE

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Twisted Measuring Cup by Gabriele Rosa for Alessi

Twisted is a measuring jug made of thermoplastic resin. 

A novel method of measuring using the interior of a measuring jug.

According to the designer, Gabriele Rosa,
“The spiral-shaped graduated pitcher, designed to be viewed from above in a simple and intuitive way, is the fundamental element of this project. On the one hand, the geometry of a spiral is well-suited to the object’s functional needs, on the other it governs and characterises the overall aesthetics of the object. The decision to use an opaque material, since transparency was no longer mandatory, emphasizes the dynamism and plasticity of its form.”

1 qt 12 ½ oz – 7” x 5 ¼” – h 7”