Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum by Juliette Has A Gun

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Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum by Juliette Has A Gun

$ 135.00

Juliette Has A Gun's Vanilla Vibes: A Fascinating Scent of Pure Vanilla and Fleur de Sel with an intoxicating Sandalwood and Tonka Bean Base. Perfect for a night at the club or a few days at Black Rock City.

According to the scent's creator, Romano Ricci:
« I have been wanting to work with Vanilla for some time. Not being a huge fan of sweet notes, I needed to find a twist. I chose sea salt. This transports the Vanilla into a mineral dimension...Far from being overwhelming, the Vanilla becomes suddenly more atmospheric, more elegant...Like the woman embodying the campaign. A futuristic amazon, dancing with the devil, under a vanilla sky in the Californian desert. Possessed by the electro beats, she offers up her silver covered body to the gods of blissfulness.
Vanilla Vibes, a hymn to Adventure and Freedom. Enjoy the trip! »

Top note:
Fleur de sel
Heart notes:
Natural Vanilla Absolute
Orchid Absolute
Bottom notes:
Sandalwood Absolute
Tonka Bean Absolute
Brown Musk
Bezoin Absolute

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Founded by Romano Ricci in 2006, Juliette Has A Gun symbolizes the revenge of Shakespeare's Juliette.  Ricci is blueblood in the perfume trade; his great-grandmother was Nina Ricci, his grandfather was Robert Ricci (of L'Air du Temps fame). Initially collaborating with Francis Kurkdjian, Ricci has since been the recipient of awards within the perfume community as he continues to develop the mystique around Juliette.


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