Smoked Glass Water Pipe by Marley Natural

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Marley Natural

Marley Natural's beaker-style Water Pipe is a showpiece you’ll want to proudly display. Made from durable hand-blown borosilicate glass, this piece is thickly bolstered in the base for extra strength and balance.

With its angled collar pullout bowl, eight-slit percolator stem, ice disc,
and spacious expansion chamber, every feature combines art and science to deliver a cooler, smoother smoke.

The Smoked Glass Collection by Marley Natural can be viewed here 
The Marley Natural Brand can be viewed here

This product may only be used with legal smoking herbs and may not be used with tobacco products. Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product may not be sold to anyone under 21 years of age. This product has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. This item is for dry material only and purchase is subject to our terms of use.

    $ 160.00