Wine Party Champagne Glasses Set of 2 by Ron Arad for Nude


Ingenious, hand made, playful, intuitive and practical, the Wine Party range is a series of glasses designed by Ron Arad for the party experience. This collection has a wider stem that becomes the base, unlike typical stemware, these glasses are a unique grouping and will be the talk of the party.

Dimensions: H: 10.43 inches, W: 2.51 inches.
Capacity: 8.45 fluid ounce
Material: Glass
Care: Hand Wash

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An icon as an architect and industrial designer, Ron Arad ignores the notion of formal disciplines and boundaries. He is a creator in the purest sense, his portfolio of work is a testament to his creative genius and free spirit. He defines design as, ‘the act of one imposing one’s will on materials to perform a function’. He is a constant innovator, questioning, challenging, re-thinking and reinterpreting the objects that surround our daily lives.

Nude is a Turkish company that specializes in collaborations with up and coming artists and designers. Featuring non-leaded glass, the company has received numerous design award.  A decidedly modern company, Nude produces quality work as both accent and functional barware/glassware for the home or professional environment.

$ 144.00